90% of visitors to your website leave without a trace.


The majority of marketers spend 100% of their remarketing budget on the 10% of visitors they already know.

  • Knock-knock™ users invest in the 90% of lost web site visitors by engaging them with followup direct mail promotions.
  • Now you can target the 90%.with direct mail sent right to their doorstep. 
  • Direct mail will retain the look and feel of your sales pages and online advertising… brand recognition and response rates go through the roof. As much as 3 times higher than ordinary direct mail. 

Retarget Online Visitors, Directly toTheir Mailbox

You’ve made a big investment in your website, SEO, SEM, PPC and inbound marketing to drive traffic to your site. Problem is, a whopping one-in-ten site visitors you already know – an existing customer, a newsletter or blog subscriber, or a user who accepted cookies.

 Did you know, even though you’re paying for them,
90% of the visitors to your website leave without
a trace?

FACT: The majority of marketers spend 100% of their
remarketing budget on the 10% of visitors they already know.

All of that effort and investment and you’re only capturing about 10% of the people who visit your website.

Knock Knock lets you target the 90%, converting anonymous leads into growth for your business. Locate anonymous leads, qualify the prospects you want to reach, and engage them with hyper-targeted direct mail. An elegant solution to a complex marketing and technology challenge.

Say Hello to Knock Knock

Knock Knock software identifies approximately 35-43% of visitors who leave your website without engaging – prospect data that isn’t available without Knock Knock. Set Knock Knock up once and it runs automatically, creating hyper-targeted offline remarketing campaigns that build brand awareness and generate demand.


Capture Invisible Leads

Mitaa identifies lost website traffic so you can engage with people you don’t already know

Speed To Market

Rapid deployment means your program is up and running in no time, delivering your message in as little as 24 hours.

Dynamic Campaign

Knock Knock returns new data every day and uses filters and business rules to produce hyper-targeted offline remarketing campaigns.

Campaign Planning

You set the business rules and budget for your Knock Knock campaign, which runs alongside other marketing programs to lift web conversions.

In House Design Team

Create your own mailer using our templates or let Knock Knock design a customized mailer that tells your story.

Bring It Home

Gain valuable insight with heat maps, track call-to-action responses, and compare quarterly data to in-store traffic and sales.

90% of visitors to your website leave without a trace.
Now you can target the 90%.

How It Works

Identify Lost Leads and Act
Clients using Knock Knock engage with almost half of the visitors who leave their website without a trace, targeting a new source of potential customers. 

Easy to Deploy
Knock Knock software runs on your website. It’s easy to install and starts identifying lost leads immediately. Our development team can also customize Knock Knock to meet special business or technical requirements.

Capture New Data
Our solution captures visitor data and applies filters, census data and business rules to validate addresses and target the prospects you want to reach. Knock Knock users reach approximately 35-43% of anonymous visitors.

Automated Campaigns
Knock Knock automatically triggers a customized mailer that tells your story, can include an offer or call to action, and designed for ongoing program use.

Hyper-Target Prospects
Your hyper-targeted offline remarketing campaign is on its way to new prospects just hours after they visited your website.

100% Uptime
Knock Knock guarantees 100% uptime, backed by expert tech support and 24/7 monitoring of our globally load-balanced infrastructure.

Put Knock Knock To Work For You

We invented offline remarketing and no other mar tech provider can duplicate our patented technology – or the results we deliver to our clients. Knock Knock is not a one-size-fits-all solution. A Knock Knock representative will work with you to create the offline remarketing program that’s right for your business or client.


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