The impact of GDPR, coupled with the social and political pressure to protect consumers data has changed the revenue models enjoyed for the last decade. Simply stated, Affiliate marketers will need to find alternate ways to identify and generate and nurture new leads, especially during the holiday and high demand seasons where the premium paid to reach consumers is at its peak.

Why the Current Affiliate Model is Breaking

Until a few years ago, advertisers had the freedom to market bound only by the FDA.

Consumer sentiment shifts limiting the access to their personal data without permission reducing the audience universe from the entire circle to just the dark area noted.

The darkened center area of the diagram reflect the remaining visitors reduced by the new laws restricting the current methods of identifying and engaging web visitors. It is no wonder media costs are increasing as the advertising channels, claims and access to visitors are being regulated or denied.

Our Solution

“PARDON ME…” is the performance-based alternative to PPC. The concept is simple- Unlike PPC, which delivers leads based on the highest bid for a keyword or phrase, “Pardon Me’s…” technology listens across all of the social channels for the presence of the same key words and phrases.
Now, instead of a bidding war to be ranked in the search result with your competitors, we respond by sending an ad in the same social medium asking if they would more information about the issue or problem they mentioned. Leveraging the timeliness and relevance of their post, our deliverable is a 1st party opted in visitor with 2 behavioral indicators from the post and form submit.

Imagine how many more impressions you will need to buy when your ability to use cookies and monetize data through third-party marketplaces is restricted. You don’t have to! We have built a simple ROI to show you what you can expect to pay based on the cost and adjust conversion rates affect your bottom line.

The Benefits to for Advertisers

  • With 3-4 months you will have a positive ROI
  • You have a new channel to develop low cost 1st party opt ins
  • Tremendous flexibility to test inexpensively
  • We love building look alike audiences
  • Thirty-three percent of PPC clicks you pay for were clicks meant for someone else. 100 percent of our conversions are 100 percent opted in.
  • Unlike other digital advertising, our price to identify and convert is insensitive to demand. You pay the same price per conversion regardless of holidays or time of year.


  • Set-Up and execution- $7,500
  • 30 – 45 days of listening and follow up to solicit opt-in
  • Variables: Audience potential volume, messaging, targeting
  • Metrics: Calculate Cost per Action (e.g. CPL) relative to current acquisition media; calculate ROI as leads convert
  • Analytics: Determine optimal targeting, messaging, offer, any segments that warrant specific attention
  • Ongoing performance (Cost per Action) pricing will be derived from the metrics. We’ll only roll out if the pricing is mutually agreeable with client.

Ready to Learn More?

You no doubt have questions...and we have the answers. We'd be more than pleased to have a conversation with you, and together we can decide if this strategy is right for you.