It’s Frustrating. The need for marketing to qualified leads has never been greater. But the challenge in qualifying these leads has never been tougher. So what are smart Affiliate marketers doing to get around the problem?

“Pardon Me”

Allow us to give you the solution to BOTH challenges. The impact of GDPR, coupled with social and political pressure to protect consumer data has been crippling to the industry. It’s changed revenue models we’ve relied on for a decade. Simply stated…

Affiliate Marketers MUST Find an Alternate Way to Generate Prospects—Or Wither Away Into Obscurity.

But nowadays, that’s not so easy to do… especially during high demand seasons like the holidays where the premium paid to reach consumers is can make marketing products online affordably.

Meet “PARDON ME”…Generating Prospects You Never Knew Existed.

“PARDON ME…” is the performance-based alternative to PAY-PER-CLICK™ (PPC) that’s revolutionizing the Affiliate Marketing world. THE CONCEPT IS SIMPLE…

Unlike PPC, which delivers leads based on the highest bid for a keyword or phrase, “Pardon Me’s…” technology “LISTENS” for keywords and phrases across Facebook®, Google® … and virtually all social channels.

So now, instead of a competing in a cut-throat bidding war to be ranked higher in search results than your competitors— we get you highly responsive leads in a whole new way. First, we respond to that post by sending a targeted ad to the page social media page the prospect is viewing. Second, we ask “Would you like more information about [NAME OF PRODUCT]?” they just posted about. The response is immediate because their post is still fresh in their minds.

This leverages the timeliness and relevance of their post. And delivers you a valuable first- party, opted in visitor— with built-in behavioral indicators extracted from their post and form submit.

Why Advertiser’s Love “PARDON ME”

  • With 3-4 Months You Will Have A Positive ROI
  • You Have A New Channel to develop lower OR HIGHER RETURN cost of first-party opt-ins.
  • Unprecedented flexibility to market test without being limited by stifling restrictions.
  • Fact: 33% Of PPC Clicks You Purchase Are Meant For Someone Else. 100% of our conversions are 100% opted in. So you can be sure they perfectly align with your offer.
  • Unlike Ordinary Digital Advertising, Pardon Me’s cost to identify and convert leads is 99.7% insensitive to demand.

Imagine how many more impressions you would need to buy when your ability to use cookies and monetize data through 3rd party marketplaces is restricted. With PARDON ME, you don’t have to! We’ve built a simple ROI to show you what you can expect to pay based on the cost and adjust conversion rates that affect your bottom line.


“How Do I Get Started?”

Introducing the “PARDON ME” Fixed-Price Pilot Program.

Set-up and execution- $7,500

  • 30 – 45 days of listening and follow up to solicit opt-in
  • Variables: Audience potential volume, messaging, targeting
  • Metrics: Calculate Cost per Action (e.g. CPL) relative to current acquisition media; calculate ROI as leads convert
  • Analytics: Determine optimal targeting, messaging, offer, any segments that warrant specific attention

Ongoing performance (Cost per Action) pricing will be derived from the metrics. We’ll only roll out if the pricing is mutually agreeable with client.

You no doubt have questions...and we have the answers. We'd be more than pleased to have a conversation with you, and together we can decide if this strategy is right for you.