The Problem:


“Ads disrupt what I'm doing.”

* Hubspot, July 2016


“Online banner ads are NOT relevant.”

** Forbes, April, 2016

$7.2 billion*** lost GLOBALLY as a result of non-human web traffic.

*** Hosting Facts, 2016

Ordinary display ads are intrusive. They have one job… to steal you away from the page you’re on and convince you to buy. They are an uninvited guest. And start every sale off on a sour note. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Introducing “STAY AWHILE”

The display ad that invites you to click around — without ever being forced to leave the page!

“Stay Awhile” display advertising dramatically improves performance of an ordinary “static” display ad. It allows your prospects to search right inside the ad—in real-time—without leaving the page.

Now, with “Stay Awhile” technology, prospects can search through your offer within the display ad itself. In fact, some users engage with Stay Awhile ads for as much as fifteen minutes at a time. If you think that’s amazing, get this: they can get real time search results! All without ever being pulled away to another page.

To put it simply, “Stay Awhile” display ad technology is changing everything we know about online advertising. It improves your bottom line by eliminating the intrusive and annoying “friction points” that chase customers away.

The Math Is Simple:
The Longer Your Prospect is Engaged with Your Ad, the More Likely He or She is To Buy.
That’s the Genius of “Stay Awhile.”

WHO Loves “Stay Awhile,” and WHY?

Why CONSUMERS Love “Stay Awhile”

  • Now, you can capture all searches— even if they didn’t click thru!
  • Consumer interaction without ever leaving the site they were on
  • Consumer-driven relevance by offering interaction with the ad
  • We deliver a huge group of new prospects that you never knew existed
  • A vast amount of data to be available and delivered within the ad
  • Triple patented technology converts your ordinary display ads into an easy to use app.
  • “Stay Awhile” lets you search and render real time results right inside the ad.
  • Never requires You to click thru the ad to another page
  • No lost time between clicking and rendering info.
  • All searches are 100% personalized to the prospect’s preferences

(and yes… “Stay Awhile” is completely GDPR compliant)

Why ADVERTISERS Love “Stay Awhile”

  • Now, affiliate advertisers have a brand-new revenue source they never had before!
  • Behavior searches: based on the criteria of your lead scoring, We use state of the art programmatic technology to cultivate highly-responsive prospects based on their own specific searches — not AI machine guessing.
  • Dramatically improved engagement rates
  • Higher click-through rates with longer dwell times
  • Lower bounce rates

Why PUBLISHERS Love “Stay Awhile”

  • Increased revenue since every new search is considered a click
  • Longer dwell times because viewers no longer have to leave the site to interact with the ad
  • Ease of use — the ads are served as easily as conventional ads

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