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The Display Ad That Thinks It’s a Catalog


Longer Engagement with Your Ad.

Our “Cascading” advertisements let you explore, learn and purchase… right from the display ad.
You never have to leave the page you’re on. Cascade™ expands to give you all the info you need right from the display ad. So the marketer gets prospect information, matching clicks with potential sales.

Real-Time Information Right From Your Display Ad.

Cascade™ ads let users get real-time updates of your inventory, sizes, colors…
 everything you need to make the sale— without re-building or re-trafficking.

Why Market with a Cascade “Expandable Ad”?

Click through rates perform up to 17 TIMES BETTER because people spend a lot more time engaging with Cascade™ display ads, than ordinary “Static” Display Ads. 
Response rates go through the roof.

MORE BENEFITS: (brings user to the additional info below)

More Clicks, More Conversions

Prospects self-qualify for your offers by navigating through easy and intuitive cascading panels called “Click-Free Navigation™” Cascade’s offers give the customers direct access to content and transactions. And they never have to leave the page. (see demos below).


Like Having A Focus Group Built Right Into Your Ad.

Cascade™ captures data about audience intent that far exceeds any other ad format. That’s because we track the clicks on each panel. That gives you an incredibly detailed map of your audience’s true interests, like which products are most popular, which offers, work best, etc. When combined with cookies, this detailed info extends to audience re-targeting with a level of precision never seen before,

Optimized For Maximum Engagement

The Display Ad That Thinks It’s a Catalog”. With Cascade, an ordinarily “Static ad comes alive with color, movement and information. Using its “Click-less Navigation”, the  ad’s sole purpose is to grab your prospects attention and takes them though a journey, giving them everything they need to know about your product(s)— without ever having to leave the page.

Automated (or Manual) Centralized Data Feeds

DIRECT FROM INVENTORY DATA FEEDS: Let’s the marketer dynamically populate the ad to reflect latest offers, pricing information, product images, and more – all based on a data feed direct from your product catalog or content management system.

TIME-SENSITIVE DATA FEEDS: Dynamic updating is especially powerful for time-sensitive offers where pricing or product availability changes rapidly, such as Travel, Real Estate property availability, frequent discounts, “People who bought this also bought these,” etc.

Worldwide Publisher & Distribution Approval

Cascade™ was tested, approved and certified by all major publisher sites, portals, ad networks, programmatic buying environments (DSPs/SSPs/Exchanges), mobile environments, and soon video.

Our technology is standards compliant to make it easy for publishers to certify and run Cascade™ campaigns, both within all IAB-standard formats and even non-standard formats. You can run Cascade™ campaigns without undergoing certification or having direct contact with Cascade™.

Unconstrained by Banner Size

By separating the banner from its navigation, Cascade ads offer customers multiple deep links via menus untethered by the size constraints of the underlying banner.

One Size Fits Most

By designing Cascade menus with, alternating marketing messages it can reach customers across every stages of the purchase– with just one ad.

Cascade™ Optimizes Your Existing Assets (Like Websites and Landing Pages).

By Embedding Deep Links Into Ads, Users Are Driven Directly To Your Important Website Content, This way, you can maximize the ROI of your existing assets. The Cascade journey can even be continued to your website and landing pages, increasing page views, time spent on site, brand engagement and of course, conversions.


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