SnappSearch Makes “Stagnant”

Display Ads Come Alive!



SnappSearch Users Gets Real-Time Information Without Ever Having To Leave The Page.
That means the average viewer of your ad stays 3, 4, as much a 5 TIMES LONGER! That’s huge compared to ordinary display ads. See for yourself. Try the sample below…

SnappSearch Demos

A user selects their choice from a drop down inside SnappSearch

The search results appear instantly in the same ad, without leaving the page.

The user can scroll through and review multiple ( unlimited ) results based on their search criteria.

How Long Did You Spend Engaging With The Display Ad?
 My guess is, a lot longer than you would with an ordinary “Static” display ad. That’s the beauty of SnappSearch technology. The average user gets real-time search results (inventory, square footage, color and size… anything) and never needs to click away from the page they’re on. 

Changes the way users interact
and engage with your creative.

Like Nothing Else Before. 

Where others see obstacles, we see opportunity. SnappSearch technology tackles impression fraud, privacy concerns, and limited user interaction by allowing the user to search through your products, information. colors, availability, whatever… without ever having to leave the page they’re on. 

As a result, Unlike ordinary online advertising, users spend up to 5-times longer engaging with your SnappSearch ads. There’s really nothing out there quite like it.

Works On …Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, virtually All Any Device!

Ad Privacy

Here’s what people are saying about SnappSearch technology. It has the ability to operate without unique identifiers of any kind, it is an unusual asset for advertisers that wish to neutralize their risks under GDPR. This appears to be a good example of privacy by design”.    

Longer User Engagement/ More Interactivity

From reactive videos to mini-games within banner ads, time and time again it has been proven that increased interactivity leads to more meaningful engagement and better ROI. StayAwhile™ goes further than any other type of ad technology by shortening the distance between consumer and company.


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